As a pet parent, you have enough to worry about. One of the most admirable qualities of our furry friends is their care-free, whimsical approach to life where the number one priority is simply being by your side.

How do you reward your best bud for always being there for you? With enough on your plate, leave that part to us. We believe it starts with giving back to your pet with the highest quality ingredients on the market.



Here at Buddy Drops, we offer your best bud premium, broad spectrum CBD. If your pet could talk, they would probably ask where our CBD comes from. 


We are lucky enough to be partnered with KND Labs. KND is a leading manufacturer of hemp-derived ingredients. And they are very good at what they do. 


KND’s patented ‘Soil to Oil’ manufacturing process guarantees purity and potency in every batch they produce. Simply put, their CBD is the very best of the best you can find.


KND was built upon the premise that you should know where your ingredients are sourced and how they are processed. With all of their hemp sourced from registered growers in the U.S. and an in-house team of chemists, scale production experts and testers, the CBD you purchase from Buddy Drops can be tracked to its originating farm.


If you’re into labels and fancy-sounding certifications, well KND has those too. They are a National Animal Supplement Council Preferred Supplier, cGMP 111 and 117 certified and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Additionally, all of their CBD is USA-made and third-party lab tested from industry-leading laboratories. 


With two state-of-the-art facilities in the Denver metropolitan area, KND has built itself into a leader in certifications and compliance in the CBD industry. Their efforts are evident in Buddy Drops and your best bud will experience the benefits.